Researchers share their knowledge in LC / LU mapping using advanced remote sensing



On 11 April 2017, the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) hosted the seminar for potential end-users of satellite and airborne remote sensing data for Land Use and Land Cover (LC / LU) mapping in Latvia. The key speakers of the seminar were IES’s leading researcher Dainis Jakovels, Copernicus Relay representative in Latvia Roberts Rotbergs, researcher from Tartu Observatory Kārlis Zālīte and social anthropologist Viesturs Celmiņš.

The seminar gathered together interested c.a. 80 people from different sectors – policy makers, regional planners, geospatial information and nature protection specialists, scientists, etc. That included representatives from Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Support Service, State Forest Service, Riga Technical University, Vidzeme Planning Region, Latvian State Forests, regional municipalities, students and others. The speakers shared they knowledge and experience in satellite and airborne remote sensing data use for LC/LU mapping, forest, grassland, agriculture, wetlands and inland waters assessment, etc. parameters in Latvia.

IES's researchers' presentations form the seminar:


Photos from the seminar: